This weekend was cheer regionals in Dibble, OK. Yep, Dibble. (Is it just me, or does this remind you of dog food?) So we get off the bus and its pouring rain. Great. We ended up with SOAKING wet shoes to cheer in. Double great. Our division was at 1 and we got to do a little warm-up. Of course I get kicked in the face in the warm-up. Triple great. Then it was our time to go on. We had a student section and a giant pool of red there supporting us. I was so excited! We got out there and we basically kinda fell apart half way through. Preps fell. Can you believe it!? Preps of all things fell! Then our pyramid. Oh dear our pyramid. My side didn’t go up and my side is really good about getting up. One time it won’t hit! It was awful. We all just kinda ran off in shock. On the plus side I landed my back handspring back! Anyways, we sit there and watch everyone else and then go and sit on the floor. We led our student section in chants and we held hands. WE WERE NERVOUS. So finally its time for results. First they call Washington. Then after all the anticipation they call our names. Holding hands we all jumped up and screamed and hugged and almost started crying. We all know that we got lucky because God had cover us in His grace. So in 2 weeks we will compete at State in Skiatook, OK. And I want TO WIN. BAD. I want a ring and I want to take back our title. So you better believe that our pyramid will hit on my side. Soooo… you wanna come watch us? Be there! October 3rd!! 🙂

The First of (hopefully) Many

Hi, my name is Holly and I’m a blogger.

Tada!! Yep, this is my blog. Well I gues thats all you need to know. So lets get started, shall we?


Insert shudder here. Oh braces. Where do I even begin? Lets start at the biggining. August 2007- I got braces and had to start out the 7th grade with a lip bumper (seriously), palate expander (killl me), and braces. Ya, that sucked, for lack of a better word. So after about a year they removed the lip bumper and gave me real bottom braces and some other thing in the top of my mouth instead of a palate expander. I still talked funny and had a tiny lisp because of the metal. Then FINALLY they took all the stuff out of the top of my mouth. YESSSSS! I wanted to hug the ortho. So then I got to the “Rubber band” phase. And I will admit that I am completely terrible with rubber bands. I NEVER wear them. Ever. And the funny thing is is that I wear them 2 nights before my appointment, go in to the ortho, and am I told that I am “doing awesome with you rubber bands and you should be out of your braces soon. Keep up the good work.” If they only knew. So after so many appointments of them saying that I will know when they’re coming off next time I finally got there. So on Wednesday the 23rd of September my braces will be coming off. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!! I’m excited. So Wednesday I will be doing a whole lot of smiling. Watch out. 🙂