Science Camp.

Right now my brother is at Science Camp and I am not.

This is a problem.

Why? you may ask. Well the reason is its Science Camp. Who does’t LOVE Science Camp? No school or homework for a few days, you’re in a cabin with like 10 of your friends, a talent show, staying up late, competition, game room, and hanging out and socializing. Uhm HELLO!? I am so jealous of Trey right now. I had the BEST time at Science Camp last year. I especially remember the beast of a drama video my class put together and Brittany, Abby, Brooke, and Semaja’s talent show performance. Funniest thing ever. Those girls know how to entertain. Haha. Anyways, I got to see the depths of certain people and talk to God. I got to get to know some of my teachers and fall in love with my class. Like it really hit me that I have an awesome class. Oh something else I remember! So there was this fairly manly girl that worked at the rock climbing area and she must have had it bad for Griffin. Haha! She knew him by name and was just chatting away about him. He wasn’t even in our group! Haha so hysterical. Oh! Another thing. Katheryn, Dystany and I were in a canoe group and we all can’t canoe for the life of us. By the time our group was coming back we were still trying to figure it out. Ya. So then after we carried our canoes to the other pond Mrs. Lux tried to help us. We would end up going way right and then way left and then back again. (I think she wanted to tip our canoe.) Then when I was in the front, Katheryn in middle and Dystany in back. Well we got going towards all of these giant branches and into the shore. Dystany was paddling me into these trees and I had to duck so I didn’t get hit. So I was laying in Katheryn’s lap and there was a GIANT SPIDER hanging right in my face and I was flipping out. I was screaming to back up and trying to paddle. It must have been a rather humorous sight. Mrs. Lux was just sitting in her canoe witnessing this. (I didn’t blame her. I would have been doubled over in hysterics if I saw that happen to someone.) Ok, end of story time. But basically I just wish that 9th graders could go to Science Camp. It was so fun.



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