’09 Was Soooo Fine!

Ok, tomorrow is New Years Eve! Verrry excited. So I’m gonna do my Top 10 Moments of 2009 and my Top 10 Songs. Get excited.

Top 10 Moments of 2009:
10. Cheer Try-outs
9. White Water Rafting and almost dying.
8. Student Life Camp!
7. Winter Dance
6. Going to NYC with some besties!
5. Just being a Freshman. Everything about it.
4. Taylor Swift Concert!
3. Making the ’09-’10 Cheer Squad
2. Cheer Regionals
1. Cheer State!

Gooood times…

Top 10 Songs of 2009:
10. Untouchable- Taylor Swift
9. Breathe- Taylor Swift
8. Two is Better Than One- Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift
7. Whatcha Say- Jason Derulo
6. Bad Romance- Lady GaGa
5. Fireflies- Owl City
4. Party in the U.S.A.- Miley Cyrus
3. I Gotta Feeling- The Black Eyed Peas
2. You Belong With Me- Taylor Swift
1. Forever & Always- Taylor Swift

P.S. If I had a 11 it would be One Time by Justin Bieber. (For Lacey!) Haha. You know what? I’m gonna do movies too. Movies I watched the most or loved from 2009.

Top 10 Movies in 2009:
10. Legally Blonde
9. Bring It On
8. Sixteen Candles
7. 10 Things I Hate About You
6. My Cousin Vinny
5. Dumb & Dumber
4. Twilight
3. The Blind Side
2. The Proposal
1. The Notebook

There you have it. My top 10s. I’m pretty excited for 2010 though. Hopefully it will start off better than 2009 did. But I’m really excited to see the Last Song, Dear John, Valentines Day, and Eclipse in the movie theaters. I’m hoping for a new TSwift album and some kicking butt at cheer state next year and Sophomore year!! Yessss.

Happy 2010!


Let it, uh… snow?

Right now there is a blizzard going on in the moody state of Oklahoma. It was fun for a little while, but now the huge storm we are experiencing is just ridiculous! There is a little snow tornado in my front lawn.. I’m not even kidding.

So today I’m stuck in my house listening to my iPod (Taylor Swift of course) and wearing my sweat pants and sweat shirt in my room with my huge curtains open so I can watch this deluge of snow. Wee, fun. Right now I’m just thanking God that I don’t live somewhere like Montana, or Minnesota, or even Illinois. Its kind of depressing to see the snow. Maybe I’m just in a funky mood, but the constant pounding of the wind and ice and snow is giving me a headache. It being FREEZING cold doesn’t help much either…

On the bright side, its Christmas Eve!! Yay. I looooove Christmas, but I don’t want it to end. I wish Christmas Eve would drag out. Have you ever heard of NORAD Tracks Santa? Its an official Santa tracking site. They’re sponsored by the Air Force or something. Too bad its all a sham and Santa isn’t real. Oh well, if they want to track Santa they can…

Merry Christmas!!

8 Things I Love About Break

1. Sleeping in!!!! I’ve been given the reputation of “the sleeper” by my friends. It is very fitting though because I can sleep until noon…

2. Laying around watching (holiday) movies. I have watched Elf, The Family Man, the Notebook, How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, and Napoleon Dynamite over the break… and this is Day #2.

3. Texting all day. I have been texting my best friend since 11:30 this morning. It is now 8:20 P.M. Good thing I have unlimited texting…

4. Christmas!! Yes its Christmas time!! And were on Christmas break! That means Christmas is in 3 days! Yaaaaay.

5. No school!! Any reason to be out of school is a good reason. But getting presents during the break and sleeping in is icing on the cake.

6. Good food. Breaks normally mean I get to go to my Nana and Bapa’s house and that means Nana is cooking up some yuuuuummmmmyyy food. Yess!

7. Staying in my pj’s for 3 days straight. I live in my Juicy sweats and a t-shirt and no make-up on with my hair in a ponytail for like the whole break. And I loooove it!

8. Staying up really late.. Like until 1 A.M. Last night I was watching the Notebook, the night before I was reading, and the night before that I was texting. Its very fun actually when you don’t have to wake up at 6:20 for school.

Merry Christmas! and God Bless!

: )


So today I decided that I was going to study for finals. Yay.. Not!

Instead, I went to the mall with my mom. Um this is a problem. Cause I’m pretty sure when I got home I said I was going to study the rest of the day. Ya right.

But I was only at the mall for about an hour so that’s not too bad right? I think so. Except now I’m 1 for 3 because I’m typing this… and watching some show on the History Channel about the presidents. So I better get offa here.

Well that was a pointless blog.

Happy Studying!


I am currently upstairs at my house in the midst of the Hoehner Christmas Party. There’s about 40 people here and some I know and recognize and some are joining us for the first time due to the new marriages in my family. There are people from out of state and town. There’s old faces and new, people who are filled with burdens or people that just want to let loose. (The large abundance of alcoholic beverages is very helpful in that particular area.) But in our good times and bad were all here. Together. Tonight. Celebrating the birth of our Lord. We might have different world views. Catholic or Non-Denominational, but we all love and accept each other. I love my family. I love the crazy, loud, talkative, largeness of our family. And though it’s uncomfortable sometimes, it’s the family God gave me and I’m blessed for that. Hey, I love you guys. 