Somebody was desperate for lyrics..

Hello. Holly and Lacey here. We are under a spell.. yes the one of Justin Bieber. It happened to us. First he was a joke and then he was like our favorite new artist. We’re gonna review his NEW album, My World 2.0! Yaaaayyy!

Baby (Feat. Ludacris):
Holly: LOVE THIS SONG! So cute and catchy! We sing this 24/7 at school and lunch. Ahhh soo good.
Lacey: And we love to interpretively dance to this song at lunch!!!

Somebody to Love:
Holly: Really cool beat and sound. Its like futuristic kinda? Great chorus and such a dance song. A HEAD BOBBER! Hehe
Lacey: the lyrics are so cute!! holly’s right, great dance song

Stuck in the Moment:
Holly: Fun sounding and I like how he mentions Sunny and Cher and Adam and Eve.. interesting.. Haha and a great beat and vocals are grrrrreat!
Lacey: I’m stuck in the moment with you!!! what more is there to say… haha

U Smile:
Holly: Sounds like Michael Bubble… and I am DEFINATELY smiling listening to this song! Haha I like the sound of not very much computerization and we get this in it. Soooooooo gooooooood!
Lacey: I like this one, and again, Holly’s right!

Runaway Love:
Holly: Feel like he’s channeling the Backstreet Boys or something.. Not my favorite. If its his runaway love does that mean she’s trying to get away and he won’t let her??? Haha
Lacey: I don’t like this one as much as the others.

Never Let You Go:
Holly: ONE OF MY FAVORITES. I looooove this song. Its really bringing out his vocals. Like if he sang this song to me I would like pass out. Beautiful!!!!! Love love love love…
Lacey: this one is sooooooo goood!!! its sweet, and telling a girl she’s like an angel taking him to heaven…. sigh… so cute…


Holly: Its like such a cute slow dance song. It reminds me of the end of the Notebook when they’re dying and they’re like “Is our love strong enough to take us away together?” So I’m totally channeling that. Kinda cheesy, but whatever. It was worth $1.29.
Lacey: i love this song… one of the best.  just listen to it. it is kinda cheesy.

That Should Be Me:
Holly: This is like the boy equivalent to You Belong With Me. Its about time guys had a song about this. One of my favorites! But I love like everyone… Its ok. I STILL LOOOOOVE IT! 🙂
Lacey: this is one of my top 3 songs on this album.

Kiss and Tell:
Holly: Eh… Kinda a copy of Selena Gomez. And I really don’t need to know the details about your make-out session. Thanks.
Lacey: ya… don’t like this one.

Holly: Does he even say Overboard in the song? I’m only hearing Lifesaver… Hmm its ok. I don’t know who the girl is though.
Lacey: I’m sticking with my original top 3. sorry justin.

Eenie Meenie:
Holly: Best quote ever came from this song! “Eenie Meenie? Somebody was desperate for lyrics.” Haha Dystany. Anyways…. LOVE THIS ONE! Sean Kingston adds a little flair to it. Its just a fun song and really playful, hence eenie meenie miny mo…
Lacey: hahaha i love Dystany. this one’s just ok… the “time time time” “mind mind mind” is kinda annoying after a while… but oh well

We hope you enjoyed our review of Justin Bieber’s new cd! And go buy it!!!!

Holly’s Top 5! (Cause I couldn’t do just 3)
1. Baby!
2. Never Let You Go
3. U Smile
4. Eenie Meenie
5. That Should Be Me

Lacey’s top 3! (but not in order)
1. Baby
2. Never let you go
3. That should be me



RDX Turbo

Today was one of the best days of my life. I got a car. (!!!!!!!!!) I’m pretty excited.

I love my parents. 🙂
And March 24, 2010 will forever be dear to my heart..