Fortune Cookies….

I’m sure we will all experience a time where we feel God working or trying to help us. Like I’ve had times where I’m dead. Done. Game over. And God will play a song on the radio that I love and can always bring me back to myself. He just knows us like that and knows what we need and that what we need is Him. But I wonder.. does God use fortune cookies? Haha. Silly right?

I have a good explanation, promise… I got a fortune cookie the other day that said, “A lost friend will soon come back to you.” Something along those lines at least. (Probably a little more creative though.) And believe it or not, I have lost touch with someone. So I thought I would start praying about the situation more. I had prayed for a while and then I gave up. I lost faith that God would do something. Anyways… That fortune cookie was right. The relationship is on the horizons of rehab I think. But, I hope I’m not jumping to conclusions. I think God put a little fortune cookie in my life so that I would trust Him again.

Just a thought…