You Make All Things Work Together For My Good

I cannot say how true the title to this post is. So I ran for class president today and I won. That would not have been possible without my God. Not even kidding. Lets go to the beginning…

2ish weeks ago: I let it be known that I was running for class pres. and I was nervous-not gonna lie. Of course moms talk and basically every mom said that I didn’t have a chance. Luckily for me, my mom told me this and my first thought was, “Don’t they know Phil. 4:13?” Right then and there a fire was lit inside of me. My thinking was, “I’ll show them. I know my victory and honor comes from God alone and that He is my rock, a refuge where no enemy can defeat me (Psalms 62:7 NLT). Basically I was saying, “Bring it on.”

From then to now: All week I had been kind of campaigning but nothing major. I contemplated shirts, but couldn’t come up with anything clever, so that didn’t happen. Passed out some candy here and there. Well yesterday (Monday, May 2nd) my great opponent, Christian, had shirts! Awesome.. Of course I scrambled and my mom pulled a few strings and we got 22 shirts made and I bought a bunch of candy and made a poster. All for 1 day of voting. (I gave my speech Monday and voting was Tuesday) We vote and I’m feeling pretty confident. My candy and shirts are everywhere so for the first 2 classes I feel pretty good. Still I haven’t heard anything except my friends and 1 teacher have pretty much told me I have it in the bag. Then I hear 1 boy is the deciding vote. WHAT!? First thought? Oh crap who is it? Second? Please Lord. The boy voted for me and everyone congratulates me, but I feel like its not over. I was right. WE TIED. 64 people in my grade and it was split 32/32. Dang.

I couldn’t pay attention in class because I was too busy praying and I ended up reading my Bible for a good 30 minutes looking for any sign of reassurance from God. I was pleading and begging for God to spare me this victory just once. My mom and friends were even praying and reading their Bibles. I find out that the executive board gets to vote for the winner and I immediately try to talk to who I know is on the board.

Lunch time comes and I drive around Edmond a little and pray, after talking to my mom for a while (Breaking the news to her). Then, during 6th hour, I get to go to the ortho and get a retainer! Yay. I get home and get ready to leave to go work out and I get a text from an extremely reliable source that I won.

Basically I had to tell all this back story to get to the real lesson.

I couldn’t stop laughing and crying a little because all I could think is, “The Lord is faithful.” and “We did it God!..Well YOU did it!” All those moms that doubted me obviously didn’t take the faith of a young 16 year old girl to big a factor.

I know this and have seen it lately and I want everyone to know that THE LORD IS FAITHFUL. Without Him life would be a massive black hole of despair.

(Please don’t take this as me bragging that I won. Please. That is not my intention at ALL.)

DO NOT forget that the Lord makes all things work together for our good.

God bless.

I will say of the lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” Psalms 91:2


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