19 Years Ago Today…

My parents got married. That seems like so long ago! I mean and I would know because I wasn’t even born then. But I just want to dedicate this little blog post to my parents because I love them so much.

-One of the things that has always been stressed in my house is that mommy and daddy love each other and that they may disagree sometimes, but that we should never think that they will get a divorce. Since our world is so messed up and sad things like that happens, it was nice knowing growing up that my parents don’t take divorce lightly and that Trey and I should never once think that it could happen.
-My parents have never been strict. When I was younger I had friends whose moms would control everything from what they ate to their haircut to the socks on their feet, not my parents. There are pictures of little independent 6 year old Holly with a mismatched outfit, a messy half up ponytail, and my fly is open. But my mom did not care at all. She was always really good about picking her battles.
-When I was young my dad was starting our gym and I know it was hard work. But he always came home and would play with me and Trey. I never remember a time where daddy would be annoyed with us after a long day. My mom told me how she would tell dad to put me down for a nap and she would walk in the room and my dad is snoring in a deep sleep and I would be laying on his chest with my eyes wide open looking around. He did love naps..and still does. It was the thought that counted. I just love, though, his willingness to put on a smile for me and be the most fun dad ever, even when business is hard.
-My parents really have molded me into the young 17 year old I am today. I am a lot like both of them. My mom is a voice of reason, relaxed, youthful, athletic, happy person. I’m all those, at least I think so. (Hopefully this doesn’t come off as bragging…) My dad is competitive when needed, passionate, outspoken, goofy, athletic, and always thinking about the future. Me again. I got leadership, laid back..ness..?, and disorganization from both.

If I could grade them I would give them an A+++++ or on a scale of 1-10 they would be awarded a 100,000,000,000. The Lord saved the best parents he could make for me and I don’t know what I did to deserve them. But I am forever grateful that He did.

I love love love love love you mommy and daddy. Happy 19 years of marriage.


16 Things on My 16th Year

1. God is faithful
2. I didn’t crash my car the first year of driving
3. Girls are better than boys
4. I love Justin Bieber
5. I developed a new excitement to meet my husband
6. Phil. 4:13 is so true its almost unbelievable
7. The fight is worth the satisfaction of the prize
8. Its not my timing, but HIS that matters
9. A whole family is the best family
10. Half way done with high school..bittersweet
11. The Psalms are beautiful and comforting
12. Taylor Swift has the guts that most girls want. Thank goodness her songs allow us to vent.
13. I am blessed and don’t deserve it
14. Excercise builds happiness
15. Some people are hard to let go of
16. If Jesus is in your heart, follow what your heart tells you 🙂

Looking forward to year 17. I hope God will grow me even more and continue to reveal more of Himself to me as I do the same to Him. I hope you enjoyed 16 things I learned or realized in my 365 days as a 16 year old.

Night. 🙂

My Mom Rocks

So, tonight my mom, dad, me, our gym manager, and her teen aged daughter went to Stoolwater, Ok to look at a gym for sale. After we went there we went to the competitor down the street. The gym owner knows my dad and he didn’t want to go in for fear of having to explain that he might by her competition and possibly put her out of business. My mom thought she would recognize her, but my dad convinced her that she wouldn’t. I tell my dad that we will be really covert, like spies. And so we walk in and my mom took off her sunglasses. The owner sees us, sees my mom, and asks my mom, “Do I know you from somewhere?” Well crap. I was ready to throw in the towel and confess that we were spying. But not my superstar mom. She said, “I don’t know. I live in Edmond.” The owner said she used to live in Edmond. She asks my mom her name and my mom says “Kim” and the owner asked her her last name. My mom looks at me, Andrea, and Carly with defeated eyes and a panicked face. I’m pretty good at thinking on my feet but I had not story or anything. So my mom puts a look of defeat on her face and mumbles quietly “Hoehner”. The owner didn’t hear her so my mom says, after thinking for a few seconds, “Holder”. The owner didn’t recognize her but they figure out that they both went to Crossings church. Saved! So we ask for a tour of the gym and my mom excuses herself.
Needless to say we laughed and cried over the hilariousness of my mom’s lie. She complained of how she never lies and that she might lose sleep over it tonight. But I mean this might be one of those “had to be there” moments. I don’t know. But just the look on my mom’s face, her desperation, our wide eyes, my dad’s confidence all wrung together makes me laugh so hard I can’t breathe.

Tomorrow is my birthday and that little moment was a pretty good present for me. The laughs that we will get over that moment will be endless.
My Mom Rocks.