I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Winter Formal. It’s the topic of conversation in classes all round the OCS campus. Who are you asking? Is she taking him? It’s an endless conversation. I’ve thought a lot about who I would ask..and I’m sure most girls have. I mean it’s a pretty big decision for a high school girl. What dress? What shoes? What boy? Well I have answers to all those except one.. What boy?

Is there any way you can you help me out?

Stephen, will you go to Winter Formal with me?


Broken Yet Whole

Tonight for some reason I was thinking of some of the toughest times in my life so far. But not many of them can compare to the heartache God feels when He loses a child to the sins and temptations of the world. Have you thought of it that way?

I’ve had some low lows…
1. I found my dog dead, drounded in our pool in the winter
2. Learning of another dog’s cancer and sitting on the phone crying so hard I couldn’t talk or breathe to my friend Allison.
3. Sitting at a funeral for a soldier and good family friend watching a slide show of him just weeks before his death with his newborn baby girl
4. Leaving my comfort zone and everything I knew and moved to OCS
5. I had a seizure when I was like 12, maybe, and not knowing what was wrong with me

Now I know that I am blessed and that many people have it worse than I do but still these trials are a part of the story God has written about me. Every single one of those moments molds my life and myself like clay. I wouldn’t trade any of them… Well I would want the soldier, Jered, to still be here on this earth.
I am excited to see what low lows I will face next because I know that the Lord can use them for good. That makes it worth the pain, the comfort of the savior inside and all around me.

Sweet dreams

Hi God. It’s Me Again.

Sometimes I wish I knew the future. I wish I knew my husband, my career, my children, my life beyond the walls of OCS. But all the time I have to trust in the All Mighty God that has everything planned from my next breath to the last thought in my head. As much as I want to grow up and have these things, I want to stay where I am and just soak up all He is doing in me.
I know that He is up there chuckling at the overly hasty child of His.