Singing in the Shower….and MORE

A few of my friends would get the title of this blog, but it is pretty relevant actually..

Anyways, I was in the shower tonight and well I was singing (its perfect, see?) worship songs. For some reason I was thinking about the things God put time and energy into.
Did you know that eyelashes fall out every few weeks for new ones to grow in? That was what I was thinking of specifically. God, creator of EVERYTHING, could only think of something so small and seemingly meaningless. But yet He holds my life in His hands. In fact he holds trillions of lives in His hands. But yet, He had the thought to create an eyelash cycle… Just a quick thought about how absolutely HUGE my Lord is. Like I learned today in Bible study, He’s got His girl. He is holding onto my with loving hands and gently nudging me to be the woman of God that I was born to be. As well as keeping the cycle of my eyelashes running. What in the world! Haha it is just so amazing to me. I could never have the thought to do that. I am very thankful that He has my future and has my best interest at heart or else I couldn’t surrender so willingly.

Eyelashes or Lives, He has everything in control to work together for our good and His glory.

Night 🙂


Friends and Metaphors

I hate losing. Losing games, losing belongings, losing friends.
Of course friends are one of the easiest to lose…Friendship is like precious China, one slip and it is broken– lost forever…Never to to be the same as it once was.

Do whatever you can to keep relationships you enjoy. Don’t let anything destroy the fragile China you care about.

That has been my mindset the past few weeks. Some friends are poison and worth losing, but others you should fight for. Life without being surrounded by fun people is a dry life. I don’t want a dry life.

This blog is a little scattered and a little transparent, but why would my blog be anything but? So take it how you want, but I hope someone will understand what I’m saying.