The Romancer of My Soul

Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Ah the greatest name. The giver of rest. The giver of life. The giver of peace. The ultimate lover. The one who knows me better than I do. The slain lamb. The eternal I Am. The healer. The romancer of my soul. The redeemer. Almighty savior. Best friend. Father. JESUS.
So submerged in Him tonight. Jesus Calling always has what I need to hear and I KNOW it is no coincidence. He has His hand in everything. His Peace…FREEDOM IS HERE!

“Peace be with you!”
“As you sit quietly, let my peace settle over you and enfold you in my loving presence.”
“…strong enough to withstand all onslaughts.”
“Wear my peace with regal dignity. It will keep your heart and mind close to mine.”
Jesus Calling Feb. 13

Amazed to tears. I am not deserving in the least.
I went through a rough patch for about 4 months and I’m on my way out I know. All this time He has been telling me to hold on to Him. I will be rewarded. I wasn’t sure but now I can feel the reward. It’s sweeter than any other I’ve ever received. The shepherd is faithful and loves his wondering, dirty, disobedient sheep.

Glory to God.