Thunder Up

So unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few days you would know that the OKC Thunder has made it to the NBA Finals.

Insert cheering right here

It’s amazing how one small group of men has such an impact on a city and even a whole state. But, one thing is for sure: we have a special team here in OKC. Between the OU/OSU rivalry we are a divided state, but the Thunder has pulled us together like nothing else. Everywhere you go Thunder is plastered on everything. Shirts, car flags, signs, giant beards…
I have never seen a group of 20-something, professional athletes be so humble in my life. (Which is kind of sad that that is out of the norm.) Westbrook wears glasses with no lenses and collard shirts with teddy bears or something on it and KD rolls in to press conferences with a Bible wearing a backpack and glasses. They get made fun of for what they wear too! Which is ridiculous because they’re still kids. They do goofy starting line up handshakes and just act like themselves.
I love that our team is a team. We don’t have one or two players that are the “team,” we have a deep bench of amazing athletes and people. They aren’t concerned about their numbers and making themselves the center of attention. They stick up for each other in the media, pass the ball, work well together, and respect their coach. I love Scott Brooks, I think he is a fantastic coach, and he has the utmost respect from this city and his players and you can tell. We have a team of the people. They play for fun and to improve and I completely adore that about them.