Life’s Like an Hourglass Glued to the Table

I am officially a Senior in high school… When will it hit me?
When I think of being a Senior I think of the end and the beginning of life. We are leaving our comfy little box at OCS and we are going off to put to use the tools they have given us. Life after high school is the life of a grown up. College, marriage, work, children, bills, laundry, cooking…it all comes with the end of high school and the beginning of life in the raging sea of the world. The real world.
I looked at those little Freshmen today and how young and insecure they were and then at my class and how grown and confident we were. To think that a mere 3 years ago we looked just like them. Seniors and even Juniors and Sophomores were intimidating. Little do they know that we felt the exact same as them. Everything about high school is foreign to the Freshmen, but to Seniors its our school and we feel comfort there. We run it. But in 2015 when they sit in those same Senior Seats that we got to sit in for the first time today, they will be looking at the new Freshmen just as we did them. More than likely they will wonder why those little babies (some of them) are so nervous of just them. My friends and I are far from intimidating, but to those girls and boys we are the top of the food chain, ready to rule.

291 days until Summer 2013.