Lies of this Lacking World

I often find myself in regret. I think “If only I would have been a dancer, in cheer longer, born with an interest in acting, lucky enough to sing like an angel, walk a runway, have a career path to love at an early age, or of only I was more talented.” I often find myself wishing for things that I can’t control. In a way, I try to be my own God. Like I think He doesn’t have my best interest at heart. Sometimes I think that if only I could have planned my life, instead of Him, I would be happier or more fulfilled. In my moments of vulnerability and weakness the enemy does all that he can to make me resent the loving Lord I have come to know. Sometimes it’s hard to not believe the lies of “You’re not talented enough, skinny enough, driven enough, or lucky enough,” but somehow my Lord gently nudges my wandering mind back to Him and shows me His love, peace, or control in the most bizarre or completely obvious ways.
I just want to be fulfilled in Him. He is enough.


Crimson and Cream

I am officially accepted into the one place I have been longing to be at for as long as I can remember. Where? might you ask.

The University of Oklahoma

My acceptance packet came in the mail yesterday and I honestly don’t think ever held anything academic and been this excited. Ever since I was little my heart of hearts has loved OU. Loved it. To me, there was no question about where I would go to college. I applied to one college only. OU. I was accepted. (I love saying that) I thank God that He has placed OU inside my heart and every time I’m in Norman I feel at home.

I was standing in Twist and Shout and my mom sent me a picture of the huge packet that came in the mail. I think I started shaking, my heart was pounding, and I said something like, “Oh my God.” Oh, I was also practically in tears. How dramatic. Haha. Just to know that this dream was a reality was quite emotional for me.

I can’t wait to apply for housing and move in and rush! Class? Oh ya that too. I’ll hopefully be a well trained writer by the end of my education at OU (fingers crossed!) I hope that Jesus will use me for His kingdom at OU and that I may always look to Him for guidance.

My Sooner experience starts NOW.