Your Reign Is Over, It Is Our Turn

So this is the highly anticipated blog about Cheer State. Enjoy!

Cheer had been pretty tough the past couple of weeks. We were switched around in our formations and stunts were moved and we lost Keely to a hurt foot so we brought in Cameron a few days before Regionals. I wasn’t very confident going into regionals just because we haven’t been having great practices and Riley, Mrs. Kress, and I couldn’t pull out any passion or emotion from the girls. So morning of regionals I was so nervous and rightfully so, because we didn’t do well and placed 5th. We almost didn’t make it to state. That’s how bad our performance was. We could do so much better than the routine we put out. So our mentality the next week was “Disappointed, but not defeated.”

Finally around Wednesday we started to “get it.” We had a showing Wednesday night with all these 6A schools and we were the only ones that pretty much hit our routine. I felt good and so did the squad. Our practice the next day, which was a Thursday, was really really good. It was just productive and it boosted our confidence because we were almost to our peak. Usually there are 2 weeks in between regionals and state, so we hit our peak (the best we can do the routine) too early because 2 weeks is a long time. On Friday we had practice, but the girls didn’t know that it would only last like 30 minutes. We hit our stunts and did a walk through and Orson pulled us in and basically gave us the last “You can do it” speech.

We did some team bonding on Friday night. We got pedicures and then went to my house for dinner where we watched a pump up video that Mrs. Kress had me make, talked about the next day, and sang a worship song. Riley read from 2 Corinthians 4 and then it was off to bed for all of us. We had a big day coming up.

Our whole focus during cheer was about “moving mountains.” In the Bible it says in Matthew 17:20 that if you have even the smallest amount of faith you can move mountains. We committed our plans to the Lord more than an other squad I have been a part of. It was amazing what He did for us just 3 days before competition. He changed our whole perspective and was literally where we placed our focus. The Lion, the Bear, and the Philistine was another motivation we had. David defeated those obstacles with the Lord when it looked impossible, so can we. To God be the glory and being a light was our mind set. No matter what happened we would be the light of Jesus wherever we went.

So, Saturday morning… Woke up feeling excited, not nervous, and got my uniform on, straightened my hair, put on my foundation, grabbed my bag and went on to the Wallis home. I was starving Saturday morning so I ate so much food. Haha I’m not sure why? I guess I just needed the energy. Got my makeup done and my hair pulled back in a ponytail with my white bow and took some pictures with the girls. We went outside and sang more worship songs, which I loved SO much, and then we headed to the bus. Mr. Hogan gave his traditional pump up/competitive dad speech and of course ripped his shirt off to reveal a Saints Take State shirt. Instead of individual roses we got a bouquet of roses for all of us as a team.

We got to Twist and Shout to practice before we went to Stillwater and had a fantastic little warm up. Then it was off to the arena…We got there and had to wait out in the hot sun for 20 minutes before they let us in. That was lovely. Finally when we got inside the air conditioning they sent us to the locker room. Then after some primping and nervous potty breaks we were sent out of our locker room to get a squad picture taken. That was fun because we were all in a good mood and were feeling excited and what teenaged girl doesn’t like getting her picture taken? We chatted with another squad and giggled and forgot (almost) about what big task was ahead of us. Then it was warm up time! We got to go down on OSU’s field and stretch and then we had to wait 30 minutes outside in a nice little tunnel area with like 10 other teams because they were running behind schedule. When we got inside the warm up area we warmed up tumbling. My tumbling had kind of been troubling me lately and Orson pulled me aside and said if I couldn’t do it to just throw 3 back handsprings. I was like “I can do it. Just believe in me” and he was like “I know, I do.” So we warmed up stunts again and did a walk through with all stunts and then we did one with just tumbling. I did the best pass of my life in that room and there was no way I wasn’t throwing that in competition. The other teams were watching us and they had wide eyes and mouths hanging open. It was kinda funny. Then warm up was done. Like 3 minutes of go go go and that’s it. Orson thought we had another warm up time on the second mat, but that was for 5A so he didn’t really do everything he wanted us to. That was a little funny that he was kinda like “Uh oh…” haha. I felt fantastic after warm ups and then it was off to the holding hall. We thought there were 6 teams in front of us, but there were 2 so we were frantically pulling girls out of the bathroom so we could circle up and get going. We sang Sanctuary like always and Orson and Lyndsey told us that we have to go perform out there like we know we are state champs already. And if we get nervous to draw our confidence from the hours in the practice gym. We lined it up and walked on out.

When we got out to the floor the crowd was HUGE and loud and so red. Haha. They had our state shirts on. I’m at the back of the line, so I pass everyone before I get to my spot. As I walked pass them I said, “We are state champs! You are a state champ!” just to remind them to have confidence. Getting set up was exciting and then Jessica started to count. Thank goodness the crowd was quiet. The basket at the beginning was so freaking good, I think I yelled, “good girl!” as I caught Ali. The stunt was so solid and I don’t remember knowing that everyone hit but I just remember not hearing the dreadful “awww” when someone falls. Ashton’s stunt was yelling a little fast so I turned around during the transition and yelled, “slow!” and then our words were more in sync. Everything was just going so well. We had emotion and performance and everyone was smiling and hitting sharp. It just felt awesome when we were out there. My tumbling pass was fantastic. I landed that thing and stood up working it in front of the judges. At least it felt like it. Crowd involvement was on time and slow, which is good. But then they pyramid… That’s the most nerve wracking part because you’re the most exhausted and its long. But it hit perfectly and we came off that floor yelling “take state!” so loud. The whole week of state I said I just wanted to be proud of the routine we do and stepping off that floor I was SO happy with the routine. I know it sounds unlikely, but you can come off the floor just knowing if that was the best routine or if you didn’t do very well. The whole team is on the same emotional wavelength or something. I got off the floor and I was cheering and I immediately started bawling my eyes out. It was amazing and phenomenal and the best feeling ever. We screamed our whole way back to the trophy area where they had water for us. Orson and Lyndsey were so happy and proud of us and we were crying and emotional and the happiest ever. I have never been so proud of a group of girls, and we didn’t even know the results yet! It didn’t matter though. I told them that win or lose, I was so happy with what we did and I thanked them for that performance.

Then was the waiting… We had to watch like 15 other teams perform from 4A, our division. That was excruciating. There were several good routines, but I never thought that anyone hit perfectly like we did and nobody had the reaction we did coming off the mat. Plus, you can’t beat our choreography. We finally got down on the mat for awards and we were in a circle holding hands. I was so calm sitting there with my girls. They announced 4th place and 3rd place and we still hadn’t been called. I got so calm before they called 2nd place. Mt. Saint Mary was our big competition and they hadn’t been called either. The announcer says, “Your class 4A state runner up is…. Mt. Saint Mary!” and we screamed, as did our crowd, and seriously about jumped up to celebrate. I, of course, burst into even more tears and had my hand over my mouth freaking out and crying. But then I was like, “It might not be us! There were several routines that were great that haven’t been called. But no matter what, to God be the glory.” I had to bring us back down a little as captain. After the 2nd place had been given their medals and trophy the announcer says, “Your class 4A state champion is… Okla…” All I heard was Okla. and we jumped up screaming and crying and celebrating with hugs. That was the best feeling in the entire world. Our crowd was so loud and excited too. We got a banner, medals, and a nice looking trophy. I couldn’t believe it. 4 years Jordan and I had worked for this and we succeeded. The Lord moved the mountain that was in our way and we peaked on that mat last Saturday.

Celebrating with my family and friends and team was the best. I saw Mr. Hogan come find us and Caroline ran and jumped into his arms and he picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist like a little girl and I think I started to bawl again. That was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I saw my family and sobbed into my dad’s shoulder as he hugged me (I’m literally about to cry typing this) and we took a million pictures. My Nana and Bapa were there, as well as Uncle Mike, Aunt Cindy, Shane, Trey, Mom and Dad, and my Aunt Jamee. We spent like 45 minutes outside the arena taking pictures and celebrating. I have never been so happy or emotional in my life. Unfortunately Orson missed the awards because he was warming another team up, but the next Monday we went into Twist and Shout and celebrated with he and Lyndsey. We found out we won by 14 points. 14!!!! That’s like 5 touch downs.

We call each other state champs and we get to design state rings this week. Yaaaaay. I will never forget that experience. It truly is all because of God. We got to shine His light to Phyllis in Chickfila and PC North and Santa Fe. OCS Cheer hadn’t won state in 7 years and in the Bible 7 is the perfect and complete number. Um, what?! The next morning at church we sang the 2 songs we sang the morning of state. I was sitting by Ali and Jessi and Ali and I looked at each other and we were crying during worship. He was making His presence so known. We sang a song about moving mountains too! Amazing!! Then the week after we won, we did a devotion in Mr. Hough’s class. The devotion was over 2 Corinthians 4. Riley read that chapter to us the night before state. Once again, He was saying I was there. I am the reason you are successful. All the glory to Him for ever and ever.
So, that is the ENTIRE account of OCS Cheer winning state. We did it only through Him. We faced many obstacles, but I told the devil to flee from the squad and asked the Lord to take over. It happened. I love each of those girls. We will forever be tied together as the 21 girls who beat 20 other teams to be the best in the state of 2012. Nobody can ever take away the fact that I am a state champ and the best in the state. What an amazing accomplishment…

To God be the Glory!

Our State words… 🙂
The Saints are back to turn up the heat
This is our year and we won’t take defeat
Challenge us, just try it, you will get burned
Your reign is over, it is our turn
We’re flipping the script, we’re changing the game
New year different look but the goal is still the same
That’s right, you guessed it, it’s OCS
The undeniable amazing, we are the best
This is our moment, our time is now
Step aside for the Saints and we’ll show you how
Oklahoma Christian our name says it all
A tradition of champions, our legend stands tall
We refuse to lose, you won’t stand in our way
Better than ever, today is our day
The goal has been set, we’re here to win
All others will bow down when the Saints go marching in, to win
Can you feel the pressure?
Can you take the heat?
We’re turning up the dial, cause we can’t be beat
We’re fighting for the win, we have one dream
The red, blue, and white, the number one team
We will win, yeah
State champions, we won’t take less
Shout out our letters, OCS, OCS, OCS, OCS
Oklahoma Christian, we can’t be stopped
We’re taking back what’s ours
We call the shots
Excitement and energy go rising through the roof
Believe that we are the best cause we’ve shown you proof
Lets go Saints!