Something My Dad Taught Me Without Realizing It

Appreciate people more and say thank you.
My parents own a gymnastics center that contains rec and teams. Rec is easy, but teams are hard to run. You’re dealing with competitive parents, hiring coaches that will make you have a winning program, and the politics of meets and uniforms and gym hoppers. It’s a lot more stressful than you realize. My dad will come home and tell about frustrations he’s having up there, but every once in a while there is a different type of story. A story of appreciation. It means a lot– a lot — to him when a parent or kid will thank him for all he does or help pick up the gym after practice. He logs a lot of hours up there and parents and kids don’t realize that my dad is doing his best for his company. I love hearing the stories of the little boy who rearranges the mats after practice or the mom who says thank you for helping little Suzie get out of her shell. A little thank you is a big thing for him. It’s easy to say and will mean more than you think. I guarantee it.
So, my dad, with out even realizing, has taught me to always be appreciative of people and to say thank you. Not just “thanks for holding the door for me,” but “thank you for the time and energy you put into making this school a better place.” I will make sure to thank my teachers, coaches, administrators and whoever else I can. I’ll even make sure to thank my parents more. Who knows, that act of appreciation might be the happy story told to the family at the dinner table.