16 and a half years ago (roughly) God gave me a little brother. He “brought” me a set of plastic golf clubs when he was born and I got to hold him with adult assistance. That was the beginning of “Holly and Trey.” My younger brother and I have had many days where we have fought so much that mom would lock us out of the house, making us play together to make get along. We’ve also had our bonding experiences and silly car rides.
The older we get the more I realize how good of a person Trey is. He is so funny, smart, loud, compassionate, hard working, dedicated, confident, talented, and responsible. He is a younger brother that I can be proud of. And I am. So proud of the young man that he is turning into. His hard work in basketball will produce results. His happy demeanor will bring others joy. His love for working with little kids at the gym will make him a great father. His subtle confidence in himself that allows Trey to be the real Trey all the time. He has a great group of friends that he goes to church with and they keep each other accountable.
Something that I think is special between us is that we have each other’s backs. I’ve stood up for him several times at school and online and he has stood up for me. God gave us this “unspoken” protectiveness over the other. I would do almost anything for him. At school I don’t let him get pushed around, whether to his face or behind his back. I’m not afraid because I believe in the person that he is. He is worth standing up for. I feel like as the older sibling it is part of the job description. And I’m so honored that he will stand up for me. It makes me even more proud than I already am. (Is that possible?)
Now we aren’t perfect siblings at all. I am so annoyed by how he has no sense of time or punctuality in the mornings and he hates how I have a great sense of both. He’s really loud sometimes to where I get snippy with him. I make sarcastic comments about how he is can get mom to do anything for him. Our actual arguments have lessened as we have aged, though. I think we value each other as friends more. But there are more things I love about him than things that annoy me.
I love that he is so self assured. He isn’t defined by what’s popular or what people think of him. He is different than other boys his age, I think. He’s not too cool to have a good time or make others laugh. He is goofy all the time. He never pretends to be what he’s not. Trey is very confident, but not in an arrogant way. I love that. I also love his warmth. He is so good at making people feel included. He loves little kids especially, but with those his own age he is a friend to the friendless.
I love his passion. He is so passionate about sports (OU) and he doesn’t care who hates him for his opinion. He is passionate about basketball so he works his butt off to get to see the floor. If he wants answers from his coach he will go get them. He is not luke warm about much at all.
I am so proud of Trey and I can’t wait until we are older and have spouses and kids and we can get together with our families. Someday in the far far future I’m sure he will find a girl that he loves and wants to marry. I think he’ll be a great husband and father and the choices he has made thus far show that God has given him a wise soul. I know that God smiles down on my little brother and I pray for him all the time.
I’ve wanted to do this blog for a while, but tonight watching him play in the basketball game and score Varsity points I just had to type this. How could I not be so unbelievably proud of Trey Thomas Hoehner? He’s the best little brother a girl could ever ask for.


Mediocre Is Hard To Spell

I have a fear… Mediocracy.
I fear that when I really get out into the world post college that I will be mediocre. I don’t want just a job to just get by on. I want a career that I love and causes me to thrive. My parents are great examples of how to not be mediocre. They took a huge risk opening the gym. My passion, though, is writing. I dream of writing novels or screenplays in Hollywood or New York City. I don’t want to be average. I want to use this life to have an impact on the world through media. That’s a pretty big dream and I’m afraid it will be hard to fulfill. Will I be good enough? Talented enough? Brave enough? Lucky enough? to get an opportunity to have an amazing career? I get afraid of my dreams.
I pray that God uses me in His way because He knows know failure or mediocracy. He is the only one who can produce fulfillment in me. When I stand before God I want to be able to say that I used everything He gave me to my best ability.
Honestly, this earthly flesh in me doesn’t want a mediocre bank account or mediocre job. Personally, I feel like I am too good to settle for something that’s not my passion or will bring success. So this is definitely a fear that only God can pull me away from. He holds my life in His hands and there’s no place I’d rather be. A fear of mediocracy in my career is no match for Him.

Fine Print

I’ve been blogging for several years now and I have never done a post like this. I’m going to just explain myself real quick.
I really enjoy writing (majoring in it at OU next fall!) and to me, blogging is a great way to practice that. Over the years I have come to know that more and more people read this blog. I’m not on here trying to generate popularity or to “toot my own horn.” I hope by the transparency I try to have on here that you can tell that. When I was a Freshman I just thought this would be something fun, like a hobby. Who doesn’t love a good list or life lesson typed up from my little brain? I thought I’d be the only one to really read it. Obviously that’s not the case anymore and that’s fine.
I just want to chronicle my life and feelings and maybe teach others what Jesus is doing in me. I’m not here to complain, gossip, or brag. I have realized that as I’ve gotten older, the topics have matured. I do laugh looking back at my first few posts that were kinda like I was writing in a journal. I think I thought that I was, because they did have a tendency to be ranty. I guess I thought nobody would read them. Anyways, these words will forever be on the Internet and anybody can read them. I do realize the permanence they posses.

So, I just feel like this little blog deserves some fine print. You can accept and read along or not. I can’t tell who does and who doesn’t. This is just me and my thoughts combined with a love for writing out for the world to see. Enjoy. 🙂

Cold Nights and Warm Hearts

Tonight I went to Barnes and Noble with my parents. They were bored from being at home, so we decided to get out. At the intersection on May and 33rd in the left turn lane across from us there was a car with its emergency lights on. It looked like it was a woman driving the car and it had broken down. We passed it first, but my dad asked my mom and I if we minded if he turned around to help them. We didn’t care cause its not like we were in any rush. So he turned around and pulled up behind the car. My dad got out and the woman opened her door and not long after she and her two kids came and got in our car. She was probably early to mid 20s and she had a 2 year old girl and 4 year old boy with adorable dark curly hair. He sat next to me and the mother had her little girl on her lap. The poor mom was crying but her kids were fine. We talked to the little kids to get their mind off of what was going on. The mom said that the kid’s father was coming to help but they had been waiting a while. All the sudden I took my eyes off our guests and looked through the windshield to see the car gone from in front of us. My dad was pushing it by himself across the intersection and then hoping in it to turn the steering wheel. He made it back to our car and drove us over to the car he had positioned in the median. As we pulled in front of the woman’s car her children’s father and friend pulled up. She couldn’t thank us enough and asked us if we needed or wanted anything. Of course we didn’t. My dad talked with the man and since they were close to their apartment they just decided to push it home. The little family got out of our car and got in the suburban of the man.

My dad said if that were me or my mom, he hoped that someone would be nice enough to help us. After experiencing that, I hope that my husband will be as caring as my dad. I’ll be lucky to get such a great man and I know that God has the perfect man for me. That I believe with all my heart.
It was such a great experience and one that allowed my family to show the light of Jesus, even in the most subtle way. So, if you ever see someone in need I would hope you would help them. I hope that when I have the chance to help someone, I will.