The Last Time

Tonight is my last night as an OCS high school student. Tonight is the last time I have to force myself to turn on my “SENIOR YEAR” alarm. Tonight was my last homework assignment. Tomorrow is the last time I groggily get out of bed at the crack of dawn (hopefully) for school. Tomorrow I turn in my last Hough paper and take my last test. I’ll wear my Go OU shirt and take pictures with my best friends who aren’t going to OU. I might shed a tear, but only if my friends start sobbing. Tomorrow is the last time I will be a student at a private Christian school. It’s a lot of lasts.
With an end a new beginning follows. I’m excited to venture off to summer and college, but high school will always hold a place in my heart. As awful, deranged, annoying, and frustrating as it was…it will stick with me. As exciting, successful, hilarious, and freeing as it was…it will stick with me. I can’t believe it’s over. It flew by. I can’t believe it’s me about to graduate. Wow.
I almost forget to do this post on my last school night before summer and senior trip, but I was reminded. I’ll miss you OCS, I will. Be good to my brother.
Saints Pride.