I’m Loving Angels Instead

So there’s this thing called Sorority Recruitment at thousands of universities across the country. Since the beginning of my Senior year of high school, I knew I wanted to “rush” at OU. Heck, when I was in middle school and my parents would take me down Elm or Chautauqua after a football game, I knew I wanted to be in one. But for the past year I couldn’t wait for rush. I was so excited to join a chapter and make life long friends, live in a mansion, go to date parties, do philanthropic work, and (of course) get everything I owned plastered with my letters. The fact that I am now there is more weird than I can tell you. Walking to MY chapter house and knowing the house code is still a “pinch me” moment. I even just got to put my letters on my car a few days ago!
The story of how I got to be a (soon initiated!) member of my chapter is quite interesting to me. Especially now looking back I see the Lord’s finger prints ALL over this situation. Let’s go back to Greek Discovery Day in March/April and the moment I walked into my house for the first time… Holy. Cow. THE most gorgeous house I’ve ever been in. Black and white tile floors, silver blue walls, and chandeliers. I was captivated. I talked to my very good friend who was a Freshman and I was so smitten by her chapter. I knew I couldn’t wait to go back for rush. I wanted to be in this chapter just by that 30 minute conversation in the dining room.
All summer I worked on getting recommendations for the 11 houses on campus, but for some reason I had like 15 recs for one chapter. THE one that I wanted. Everywhere I went and everyone I talked to was a part of this house, on my campus and on others. They were thrilled to write me letters and spoke so highly of their organization. I literally could turn over a rock and find a woman in that sorority. My mom and I laughed over this all summer. Every time someone said they were part of a sorority it was that one. I couldn’t escape the chapter all summer. So ironic, huh?
I went to Camp Crimson towards the end of July and I had 3 Small Group Leaders, 2 of which were girls. I was talking to one of them at the beginning of camp and told her where I went to school. She asked me if I knew this girl who went to OCS, the same girl who I talked to at Greek Discovery Day. Again, how ironic… Not gonna lie, I did some creeping and talked to the other girls in my small group and I figured out that both of my girl SGLs are in my favorite chapter. Of course!! My mom and I really had a good laugh over that one.
Going into rush with an open mind was hard. I really tried to give each chapter a fair chance, but by Round 2 I knew that I knew where I was supposed to be. And as long as I had that ONE house I was good to go. I had an easy decision, but the waiting for the bid was torture. Finally running to my one love and my new home was everything I could imagine.
I’ve been involved with my chapter and made so many new friends in the last few weeks. I even get to share this sisterhood with my SGLs, best friends, friend’s moms, and teachers. I’m so blessed…
Looking back, I see God’s arrows pointing, no, shoving me to the chapter that He needed me to be at. He literally used every sign possible to point to my new home. Even in scripture during my quiet time, I saw His message and His plan for me. I KNOW that I found my home here at OU in my chapter and I am SO thankful that He is an active God! Even in things like sorority rush.



What A Difference 5 Years Makes

Life is happening. College has come and friends have gone. Some of my very best friends in the whole wide world have left me and gone to OSU. I’m not sad, yet. It still doesn’t feel real. But realistically, we aren’t that far apart. I think we’ll still see each other a lot when we’re back in Edmond.
I’ve been thinking back on when I moved from Deer Creek to OCS. I was so concerned about the friendships that I might be losing if I moved, but I didn’t think of the ones that I would be gaining. 5 years later, I can’t imagine my life without some of my OCS girls. If I didn’t move schools, I would have never met any of them. Life without such great girls to support me, grow with me, and laugh with me would not be as special. But on the flip side, I haven’t lost best friends from Deer Creek, but I’ve gained several, especially through church. How funny that when I thought I would have no friends, the Lord’s plan was just unfolding and I was introduced to people that would grow my relationship with Him.
Once I was asked what I wanted out of high school and I have regretted how I phrased my answer since that question. I said, “I want to be a girl with a lot of friends,” but what I meant was that “I want to be a girl who is a friend to everyone”. God brought so many great people into my life, and now as I start college I want to be on the other side. I want to pour into people on my campus and shine the light of the Father who loves them more than they realize. I want to be a friend to the friendless.
I am SO thankful that God has ministered to my heart through my best OCS friends. I didn’t know the plan He had for me in 8th grade, but He did. And it was good. So good. Now as I’ve matured in my walk with Him, I’m ready to put to use my life experience and reach out to others. I just pray that when, if, I get the opportunity that I would boldly accept it.

To my very best friends…Actually, were really more like a small gang…I LOVE YOU. (You know who you are)