Joy Joy Joy

I love walking down the South Oval in the crisp fall weather looking at Your beautiful creation with a 5 page paper waiting to be turned in in my backpack. To me, those are the best times. Being joyful to be alive. I am so thankful that You are in my life and that I know that You are the one, true God for all of eternity. Thank you for a loving family who are my best friends and thank you for your overflowing love that is constantly pursuing me. Lord the day that I see your face I cannot fathom. It seems so close yet so far. I can’t wait to experience the plans You have for me. From being a sister and daughter to a wife, mother, aunt, and grandmother. I want to know You better than I know myself and show your everlasting love to everyone I meet. I praise Your name for the ability to put my love in words– though no words will ever be enough. You are indescribable, all worthy, forgiving, perfect, and comforting. I fear your wrath but am thankful that I know you are victorious. Satan has no hold on me for you have defeated the grave. Lord use me and my words to be a vessel that brings glory and people to You. Everyone deserves to know Your everlasting and all fulfilling love. Glory to You for my whole life and forever after.