The Lord is Faithful

After weeks of praying to my Father to remove a worry I have, it has been removed. Tonight at LifeStream I went to pray for Him to take away my worry. The only problem was, I couldn’t find the words. I had no passion or even feeling towards this emotion that had been plaguing me, almost as if I’d never even felt it at all. He answered my prayer and took my burden upon Him… Worry free The Lord has rendered me.



In the past few hours I have noticed a theme. The Lord’s adventures and the surprises they will bring. My lack of adventure has been on my mind lately. I like to play things safe and stray from any spontaneity, much to my dismay. But very recently through my new devotional, my roommate, and the Word I see the commands to live a life expecting His surprises. Yes, I will fail, but expecting the blanket of His grace and mercy to cover me every time I fail is something to be happy about and celebrated! He wants us to live lives that expect His surprises every day. Following Him is exciting! He is an exciting and beautiful God.
I’ve decided to continue praying that He will change my mindset and change me into someone who looks for His miracles, surprises, and adventures every single day. How much more beautiful will life be with that outlook? And more importantly, with Him in charge, it will expand the Kingdom of The Lord God Almighty!!