The Coolness of God’s Presence

His hands are everywhere y’all. His fingerprints grace the lives of believers everywhere, and how sweet is it that we get to see His work. The Lord of all the universe could do what ever He wants and how ever He wants, but He choses to go through us. God uses His children to show His goodness. I heard a commentary on when Jesus fed the 5,000 this weekend that put an interesting spin on the story. How easily could Jesus have snapped His fingers and enough food could have appeared, but He chose to work through one boy’s lunch to show His glory. I can’t imagine how special and excited that boy felt– Jesus used HIS lunch and performed a miracle! I think He likes to make us feel His presence. That boy will never forget the day where Jesus multiplied his food, and I imagine that that act was just the beginning. Can’t you just see the Lord smiling and saying, “You think that is cool? Wait until I reveal to you what I else I have planned for your life and my kingdom.” So cool.

Today, Hobby Lobby is standing for religious freedom in a country that claims to have religious freedom… There are more people in slavery today than any other time in history. I have been presented an amazing opportunity over the summer, but one that kind of scares me… Things like this occur every day and they all challenge me in my walk. I want to just beg and scream at Him to fix it all because HE CAN. But, I believe that He wants to work through us to complete the task. There will always be someone, some group, some organization that He will use to show His goodness and His plan. He could use you, He could use me.

I know that He answers prayers. He awards us in His time and He slowly reveals bits and pieces of Himself with it. There have been a few things that I have been praying for, just dangling like loose ends. Just yesterday, I feel like He wants to start tying them up. Patience is not my best attribute, but slowly He has changed my heart to trust and have faith in His timing. There is nothing more freeing than giving it all over and knowing that His plans are better than mine! Of course I still have moments where I am impatient or wish I had all the control, who doesn’t? But, every once in a while, I will see His fingerprints and worry and impatience will wash away. Again, I think He delights in showing us His glory.