Throw Away The Agenda

I was chatting with God the other day about life, and He revealed to me a thought as I was rambling away to Him about random things in my life. The thought?

After all the experiences in my life, there is not an outcome I would change because I know You know what is best for me. 

The realization washed over me like a tidal wave. It’s so true! Looking back, there is not one result that I ended up not being happy with or still want to change to this day. His plan has satisfied me in every situation. I cannot recall saying, “Lord, had you just done…” or, “That wasn’t for the better,” on the other side of things. In the middle of the storm? Yes, sometimes most times I question where He is taking me. But, I’m human and I’m working on it.

I never realized this because it is something I don’t think about often. I mean, who sits around and consciously thinks about the affect of a trial or a door shutting or opening? It’s only after something like a fleeting moment of joyful conversation do I think about how thankful I am for His plan.

If you ever want to prove God’s omniscience, hand over every aspect of your life to Him and you will be amazed. Granted, it might not be right away, but I promise you will see it. There is a reason you didn’t get the job or you and your significant other broke up. But, there will be a day when you see the works of His hand and I hope you have the same feeling I do…

He and His plan have never disappointed me.


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