Things That Grow My Affections For The Lord

1. Being picked up from the airport after being away from family. Something about this just reminds me of how much I love them and how blessed I am to have them. 

2. Rainy days. Any self-respecting girl would agree with me on this one. 

3. Friends who challenge me and laugh with me. You know who you are. 

4. Quality time with my family. Top Golf, regular golf, Sunday brunch, living room quality time around a sporting event of some sort…

5. His nuggets. If you look, you can find Him anywhere. Sometimes He leaves me hints along the way. Like a verse or a conversation with a friend. 

6. Studying other religions and philosophies. It makes me realize who He is and how much I love and value the Bible. I love that book. 

7. Memories of happy times. My favorite thing is being reminded of a happy memory through a smell or a song. I love to wear a different perfume every year or listen to a song on repeat for a time in my life. In the future, when I smell the perfume or hear the song, my mind travels back to those times. It’s magical. 

8. Sweet tea and iced coffee. Not even joking. There’s just something about your favorite drinks and sometimes I thank God for simple pleasures like these. 

9. Living in Pi Phi. Being surrounded by these girls 24/7 is one of the coolest, most challenging, rewarding, exciting, productive things I’ve ever done. 

10. Coming home. I’m a home-body and there is nothing better than walking through that door and seeing my 3 favorite people and 2 favorite pups. 

These 10 things cause me to regularly stop and thank God. I delight in Him for the experiences and things above. I feel a close, connected bond to Him on a rainy day, laying on the couch, watching basketball with my family. Those things that make me, me, also grow my affections towards Him. I don’t love Him because of these things, but instead it is because I love Him, I see Him in these things. What experiences in your life make you stop and thank God for His glory, plan, goodness and truth? 


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