My Sincere Friendships

A few nights ago recruitment ended. I was in charge of decorating and arranging Pref Night, which is the final night of recruitment. As my sisters and I stood in line at the door watching the last PNMs walk out of our doors, the excitement of the end began to grow. When the door shut, our quiet song turned into a louder chant proclaiming the end of this annual event. Ending up in line this night next to my big and best friend is a small gift from God. We got to share a minuscule, but memorable moment together. Recruitment had ended. We laughed and jumped as the song ended and the house boys bursted out the kitchen door in cheers wearing Bid Day shirts. The celebration was preceded by tears from testimonies and many lasts for the Seniors, which made celebrating all the more bittersweet. 

This moment and many others are small snapshots into the sweetness the Lord has to offer. His friendship is even truer than that between my sisters and I. His comfort greater than that of a hug from my best friend. But, how lucky am I that He gives me a glimpse of Himself through the sacred bonds of sorority sisterhood. Nights like Pref Night will be remembered for the beautiful friendships He has blessed upon me. I will be thankful for the sincerity in these women and the sense of belonging they bring me forever. After all, the only reason we love is because He first loved us. 


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