Sweetly Broken

A few months ago in Bible class Mr. Eckel asked us to write a prayer. In my prayer I asked God to break me.
From about August to about the last week of January was a BIG challenge for me. I just like discarded my faith. I gave up, I guess. I would pray pray pray for a change in my lukewarmness but nothing happened. Talk about frustrating. Well my mom and I made a trip to Dallas just the two of us. Laying in bed in the hotel trying to sleep I gave up on giving up. I got it. I have to put forth more effort. I can’t expect God to do it all. A marriage isn’t one sided, why would my relationship with Christ be? So when I got home I started reading my Bible more. Thank goodness for iPhones because as awful as it sounds having the Bible on my phone with the devotionals is really helpful. Anyways..one night after reading I realized HE listened. Just not on my time. I expected to be broken that day. Instead I was broken months later. BUT HE DID IT. He listened and that in itself is amazing to me. The God of the whole universe heard little tiny me.
Life is so good now. Thank you God! Praise to Him for saving me. I am growing everyday and gaining love for my Father.
My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life. Psalm 119:50
That verse alone proves His perfection and endless love for me.
10 February 2011